Development Review

  1. Administrative Use Permit

    An Administrative Use Permit is required for uses which are not normally permitted in a given zoning designation, but which may be approved at the discretion of the zoning administrator.

  2. Binding Site Plan

    A Binding Site Plan (BSP) is a process used to create parcels for sale or lease as an alternative to the long plat procedures required by Chapter 58.17 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW).

  3. Boundary Line Adjustment

    A Boundary Line Adjustment (BLA) is required for approval of adjustments or alterations to boundary lines of existing lots of record.

  4. Conditional Use Permit

    A Conditional Use Permit is required for any use listed under the conditional use section in a given zoning designation.

  5. Exempt Land Divisions

    An exempt land division involved land divisions exempt from subdivision requirements pursuant to Whatcom County Code 21.01.040.

  6. Long Subdivisions

    A long subdivision is a land division of a legal lot of record into five or more lots consistent with zoning.

  7. Lot of Record

    Lot of record means a lot which is described by final plat, short plat, or metes and bounds, and is established pursuant to applicable local and state regulations at the date a legal instrument creating the lot is recorded at the Whatcom County Auditor’s Office.

  8. Planned Unit Developments

    A planned unit development (PUD) is one or a group of specified uses, such as residential, resort, commercial or industrial, to be planned and constructed as a unit within an Urban Growth Area.

  9. Short Subdivisions

    A short subdivision is a land division of a legal lot of record into less than 5 lots consistent with zoning.

  10. Variance

    A variance may be requested when the subject lot has physical constraints that do not allow the construction of a use normally permitted in the same zoning designation.