Shellfish Protection Districts

Natural Resource staff provides technical assistance to advisory committees and other county departments and collaborates with local, tribal, state, and federal agencies and citizen groups to recover water quality and shellfish growing areas in Whatcom County.

Shellfish Protection Districts
The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) Chapter 90.72 requires that the county legislative authority create a shellfish protection district within 180 days after the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) closes or downgrades a shellfish growing area due to a degradation of water quality. There are 3 Shellfish Protection Districts that have been established in Whatcom County:
Beach at Sunset
Shellfish Recovery Plans
Shellfish Recovery Plans have been created for each of these districts. The plans outline the primary sources of bacteria and actions to improve water quality.

Current Status of Shellfish Growing Areas

The Washington State Department of Health prepares annual reviews for commercial shellfish growing areas that describe the current status of each area and marine water quality data. Links to the 2013 Annual Growing Area Reviews for Whatcom County are provided here:

More Information

 For more information about the Shellfish Protection District programs contact Erika Douglas via email.