Rabies Prevention

The rabies program staff works to reduce the risk of a person getting rabies. Rabies is a very rare but fatal disease that people can get if they are bitten by a rabid animal or exposed to saliva from a rabid animal. Our staff: 

  • Interviews people who had contact with an animal that may have been at risk for rabies exposure, to determine if there is any rabies risk to the person.
  • Works with animal control to assure that domestic pets (dogs, cats and ferrets) that bite someone remain in quarantine for 10 days to rule out the risk of rabies to the person.
  • Works with the veterinary community and Washington State Department of Health to test wild animals, especially bats, to rule out the risk of rabies to anyone exposed to the animal’s bite or saliva.
  • Provides community education on rabies prevention to physicians, veterinarians, animal control employees, childcare facilities, camp operators, schools, and the public.

 If you have questions about rabies, please call the Whatcom County Health Department at 360-676-6724.   

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