Current Sheriff Sales

Listed below are the current Sheriff Sales. If the property you are searching for is not listed, it is most likely a Trustee Sale, which is not handled by our office.
Please contact the Sheriff's Office Civil Division if you would like to know the opening bid for one of these properties, which is usually received a few days prior to the sale date.
  1. November 2018
  2. December 2018
  3. January 2019
Debtor                                    Property Being Sold Sheriff's Notice of Sale Opening Bid
November 1, 2018 Mt. Baker Growers Personal Property Link *exact cash only*
November 2, 2018 Andrea Charroin 702 Nooksack Ave, Nooksack Link $199,271.00
November 2, 2018 Lori McMillen-Rauch 1586 Central Road, Everson Link $422,685.09
November 9, 2018 Estate of Patricia Scott 2710 Donovan Avenue, Bellingham Link $318,750.00
November 16, 2018 Lisa Beesley 4410 Lateener Lane, Blaine Link $212,350.09