East Whatcom Regional Resource Center

Project Background 

The East Whatcom Regional Resource Center was built to provide services to the Columbia Valley and East Whatcom County citizens. The building services are administered by the Opportunity Council and include early childhood education, family support and health services, community meetings, a community garden and a Sheriff’s satellite office. 

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Project Status

2nd Quarter 2015 Status
Whatcom County is working on the final LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Certifications required by the grants that were procured for this project. This project has gone out for bids. Bids have been received, contracts are being written for review. 

3rd Quarter 2015 Status
Project changes were required and a rebid was scheduled. Bids have been received, new contracts are being written for review.

4th Quarter 2015 Status
Project was awarded to Hillco Contracting, Inc. The Notice to Proceed was awarded mid-December. Project to proceed following the submittal process and scheduling.

1st Quarter 2016 Status                                                                                                                                                                                   Project submittals completed, work started, electrical work nearly completed, and duct work in fabrications off-site.