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Project Update

The federal bridge replacement funding application submitted in 2017 for design and construction funding for the North Lake Samish Bridge No. 107 Replacement project was not selected for funding. However, local funds have been appropriated to continue the development of this bridge replacement project in 2018. This work will include design, permitting and real estate work.

Public Works would like to thank the Lake Samish community and key stakeholders for their participation in the three public meetings held as part of the Type, Size, and Location Study (TS&L) for replacement of the existing N. Lake Samish Bridge 107. The final TS&L can be found at the link below:

N. Lake Samish Bridge No. 107 - Final Type, Size, & Location (TSL) Study

Below are links to the public meeting notifications.

Public Meeting #3 Notice
Public Meeting #2 Notice
Public Meeting #1 Notice


Whatcom County routinely performs safety inspections of all County owned bridges. The latest inspection of the North Lake Samish Road Bridge No. 107 crossing the lake near Samish Park revealed the need for a greatly reduced weight limit. During the most recent inspection, the inspectors encountered increased amounts of rot in the wood of the bridge superstructure over the water. This data was then input into a load rating calculation which determined the amount of weight allowable on the structure. Without some immediate solution the bridge would have to be closed to heavy traffic including school buses and fire district vehicles.

Multiple alternatives were investigated to address this issue with the preferred solution including restricting the bridge to one-lane at the center span while designs for a replacement structure are prepared. This reduction to one-lane allows continued access for all passenger, school, and fire district vehicles with only minimum delays. The one-lane restriction was implemented in March 2016.

Traffic will still be allowed in both directions over the bridge with a stop sign at each side. Drivers in opposite directions will need to take turns using the single lane portion of the bridge.
Whatcom County would like to express thanks for your patience and understanding during this replacement process. Should there be any questions please send them by email to PublicWorks@co.whatcom.wa.us for the most prompt response.

North Lake Samish Bridge No. 107