Agricultural Advisory Committee


The Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC) provides review and recommendations to the Whatcom County Council on issues that affect agriculture. The AAC also provides a forum for farmers and others interested in enhancing and promoting the long-term viability of Whatcom County agriculture.

Meetings are held monthly October through May.


  • Larry Davis
  • Lesa Boxx
  • Myron Hawley
  • Barbara Hento
  • Vacant Positions (5)
  • Jamie Gunst
  • Anna Martin
  • Leroy Plagerman
  • Ashton Beanblossom


The members of the Agricultural Advisory Committee are representatives of: Agricultural Processor (large and small scale producers of various agricultural commodities)
◦ Agricultural Products Consumer, citizen representative
◦ Agricultural Programs, citizen representative
◦ Whatcom County Conservation District Board
◦ Whatcom Family Farmers
◦ FFA Youth
◦ Natural Resource Conservation Service
◦ Representative of Washington State University Cooperative Extension
◦ Whatcom County Department of Planning and Development Services