County Council Vacancy Information

The County Council selected the following applicants to be in the final pool of candidates for the vacant At-Large (B) position.  The Council is scheduled to make an appointment at the January 16, 2018 Regular Council Meeting.  The final pool of candidates will be allowed to give a three-minute oral presentation to the council.
  1. Timothy Ballew II 
  2. Patricia Dunn
  3. Seth Fleetwood 
  4. Carol Frazey
  5. Cliff Langley
  6. Natalie McClendon
  7. Alicia Rule
  8. Pete Kremen (nomination declined)
The Whatcom County Council collected applications to fill the At-Large (B) Position vacancy created from Councilmember Donovan's resignation.  The term of office runs from the date of appointment to certification of the November 2018 General Election results.

The County Council will nominate potential candidates for the Council At-Large (B) position vacancy at a special meeting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 in the Council Chambers.

You may view all applications in one document (very large .pdf document that may take time to open) or view the applicants individually.  The applicants are:
  1. Carolyn Anderson
  2. Michael Ashby
  3. Timothy Ballew II
  4. Ellen Barnes
  5. Richard Berglund
  6. Rhayma Blake
  7. Eric Bostrom
  8. Robert L. "Bobby" Burr
  9. Eileen Coughlin
  10. Patricia Dunn
  11. George Porter Edwards III
  12. Jasmine Fast
  13. Seth Fleetwood
  14. Carol Frazey
  15. Victor Gotelaere
  16. Keegan Kenfield
  17. Kathleen Kershner
  18. John Kole
  19. Cliff Langley
  20. Mason Luvera
  21. Robert Lynch
  22. Natalie McClendon
  23. Jim Moren
  24. Nicholas Moss
  25. Alicia Rule
  26. Siegfried "Stan" Snapp
  27. Aaron Thomas
  28. Jared Jones Valentine Application withdrawn
  29. Emily Weaver