Stakeholder Advisory Committee for Public Health, Safety, and Justice Facility Needs Assessment


The purpose of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) is to guide the development of a needs assessment for public health, safety and justice facility needs. SAC members will act as liaisons to the communities or agencies they represent. They will share information about the study, bring feedback to the SAC meetings, and help build a plan that is reflective of community values. Through engaging communities and agencies they represent, SAC members will help develop community support for the recommendations in the Needs Assessment.


  • Generally meets monthly.  Meeting schedule to be determined.


The Stakeholder Advisory Committee has 23 voting members.  The County Council appoints the following members:

  • Behavioral Health and Social Service Providers (4) - may include but not limited to:
Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) 
Housing Specialists
Domestic Violence Prevention
Re-entry Job Training
Philanthropic Specialists

  • Citizen - Behavioral Health (mental health and substance use disorder (SUD)) Advocate
  • Citizen - Criminal Justice Advocate
  • Individual with lived experience in the criminal justice system
  • Jail Resources/Service Providers
The following positions are appointed by their agency:
  • Whatcom County Council Member
  • Whatcom County Administration
  • Bellingham City Councilmember 
  • Bellingham Administration
  • Tribal Nations (2)
  • Small Cities (2)
  • Incarceration Prevention and Reduction Task Force (acting as the Law and Justice Council) (4)
  • Bellingham Police
  • Whatcom County Sheriff
  • Whatcom County Health Department 

Vacancies and to apply

Term Information

    • All terms expire and the committee will sunset when all phases of the needs assessment are complete.


  • Resolution 2019-063