Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Page updated: Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 4:00 pm

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COVID-19 Data for Whatcom County

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Data Dashboard

  1. Wildfire smoke preparedness and COVID-19

    Wildfire season could yet be on its way. The best way to protect yourself from wildfire smoke is to plan ahead to stay indoors and keep indoor air clean. Take steps now to prepare for smoky days with unhealthy air quality that could lie ahead. Learn more
  2. Low-barrier COVID-19 testing to expand, provided in partnership by WCHD & WUC

    Beginning Monday, August 10, the Whatcom County Health Department (WCHD) and Whatcom Unified Command (WUC) will begin field testing a low-barrier, mobile COVID-19 testing model. Details about the testing model are being finalized. Learn more
  3. Whatcom County Health Department Seeks Input via Online Survey

    We’ve launched an online survey to learn more about the actions our residents are taking to protect themselves and their loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on
  4. New Funding to Support Rent and Mortgage Payments Now Available in Whatcom County

    The Whatcom County Health Department is working with local partners to implement two new housing assistance programs that will provide over $3,300,000 for Whatcom County households. Read on...
  5. Health Officer Recommends Remote Start for Schools

    The Whatcom County Health Officer is recommending that all primary and secondary schools in Whatcom County plan for remote learning in the fall. Read more
  6. Find your party of 5

    If we’re going to prevent runaway rates of COVID-19 in our state, we all need to do our part. One of the most effective things we can do is limit the number of people we interact with. Keep your social group small, by “Finding your Five”. Read on...
  7. Have You Heard of Herd Immunity?

    You’ve probably heard the term, “Herd Immunity.” But what does that mean, and how does it work? Find out here. Learn More
  8. Outbreak Investigation of Salmonella Newport

    FDA issues notice of a multi-state outbreak of Salmonella Newport infections likely due to contaminated red onions. Learn more
  9. Cooling off carefully: Safe water recreation

    Summer is here, and it’s a hot one! Cooling off at one of our beautiful beaches always feels great, but we need to remember to keep ourselves safe while doing so, by maintaining our healthy habits. Learn more
  10. Testing is just one tool in our toolbox

    Using the right tool for a task is more efficient and usually gets better results. What are our pandemic control tools and how do they fit together to help us slow the spread of COVID-19? Read on...
  11. Two new charts added to Whatcom County’s COVID-19 Data Dashboard

    Two new charts were added to our Data Dashboard page today that show how COVID-19 has impacted different locations in Whatcom County. Read on...
  12. New guidance for face coverings: when and where you should wear them

    Face covering requirements have been updated in Washington State. Here’s what you need to know. Read on...
  13. Updated Guidance for Phase 2

    New guidance and restrictions for phase 2 take effect beginning on July 25th. Here’s a quick run-down of the changes. Read on...
  14. The most important COVID number for you to watch

    The most important COVID number for you to know is the number of people you gather with. Good news: it’s a number you can control, and it can affect all the other numbers we are tracking. Learn more
  15. Whatcom Drive-Through Testing Site Will Not Resume Operations July 24 and 25

    Whatcom County’s drive-through testing site at Civic Field will not resume on July 24 and 25. The health department is using feedback from the previous two weekends to develop a new approach and will announce new options once details have been worked out. Read on...
  16. Testing, Insurance, and Costs

    Navigating and understanding medical insurance can be challenging at any time, but even more so during a pandemic. The bottom line about COVID-19 testing? Whether you have insurance or not, it won’t cost you a thing. Read on to learn more. Learn more
  17. Results from Drive-Through Testing Pilot

    WCHD and Whatcom Unified Command piloted a mass drive-through COVID-19 testing program over the last two weekends. Read on for details of how it went and what our next steps will be. Read more
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