CPL Renewal By Mail

Things to Know

To qualify for a CPL renewal, your CPL cannot be expired more than ninety (90) days.  If it has been expired more than 90 days, you will need to apply for a new one.  You do not need to be fingerprinted if your CPL is valid or expired for less than 90 days.

How to Apply by Mail

  1. Complete the CPL application by clicking here  and print out the completed form.
  2. Sign and date the form at the bottom.
  3. Attach a check or money order with the appropriate fee.  The Sheriff’s Office does not accept cash or process credit cards when processing a CPL renewal application by mail.
  4. Mail the completed form, a copy of your valid, photo ID, a copy of your current CPL (if you still have it) and your check made out to the WCSO to the following address:

Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office/Records
ATTN:  CPL Renewal
311 Grand Ave., Public Safety Building
Bellingham, WA  98225

What to Send

  • A copy of your valid, not expired, photo ID like
    • A current Washington State driver’s license.
    • A current Washington State identification card.
    • Equivalent out-of-state identification.
  • A copy of your current CPL if you still have it.
  • A copy of our Firearms Restoration Rights paperwork (if applicable).
  • A copy of your Permanent Resident Card (if applicable).


  • WCSO Staff performs federal, state, and local background checks.
  • Processing time can take up to thirty (30) days.
  • Your CPL will be mailed to you at the address on your application.