Superior Court


If you have a case pending in Whatcom County Superior Court, please click on the attached link below "Second Court Order Re: Court Operations."

Should you have further questions, please contact your attorney of record.

PARTIES REPRESENTING THEMSELVES PLEASE NOTE: At this time, any payments or filing fees should be paid in cash (exact amount) or money order. LFO's may still be paid online.

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About Us
Whatcom County Superior Court is one of 39 Superior Courts in Washington.  Whatcom County has 4 Superior Court Judges elected to four-year terms, and 3 Court Commissioners.
Judges and Commissioners hear and decide cases assigned to them by the Presiding Judge.

The Presiding Judge is elected by the other Superior Court Judges to serve not less than two years.  The Presiding Judge supervises the judicial business of the Superior Court, acts as the spokesperson for the court, directs the court administrator in implementing administrative and general court policy, and performs judicial and administrative duties as set forth in General Rule 29.

The Judges, Court Commissioners and Court Administrator meet regularly to set administrative and general court policy.

Each Judge has a judicial assistant who manages the Judge's caseload, maintains order in the courtroom, supervises jurors, and coordinates courtroom activities.  A courtroom clerk assigned to each court keeps a journal of the proceedings and processes exhibits.

Types of Cases Superior Court handles:

  • Adult Felonies
  • Civil cases - (includes cases involving real property and/or claims in excess of $35,000)
  • Divorce/Child Custody/Child Support matters
  • Probate/guardianships
  • Paternity actions
  • Adoptions
  • Juvenile cases 
  • Mental Illness cases

Superior Court Judges

Robert E. Olson, Judge, Dept. I
 Deborra E. Garrett, Presiding Judge, Dept. 2
 Lee Grochmal, Judge, Dept. 3
 David E. Freeman, Judge, Dept. 4

Court Commissioners

Angela A. Cuevas
Jonathan Richardson
Leon F. Henley, Jr.