Public Health Advisory Board


  • Bimonthly on the 1st Thursday


The Public Health Advisory Board has 9 members. Current members are:

    • Barry Buchanan
    • Rachel Lucy Cecka
    • Sterling Chick
    • Barbara Juarez
    • Lindsey Karas
    • Les Seelye
    • Chi-Na Stoane
    • 2 vacant positions


The members of the Public Health Advisory Board must have the following specifications:  Residents of the county, 8 of which are appointed by the executive, subject to County Council confirmation

  • 1 Board of Health member (appointed for 1 calendar year by the County Council)
  • 1 Citizen-at-large member
  • 1 From business/industry
  • 1 From education
  • 1 From the natural sciences
  • 1 Physician
  • 1 Tribal member or a representative from an ethnic minority
  • 2 From the areas of administration/fiscal, nursing, or hospital affiliation


Term Limit

  • 2 consecutive full terms

Term Length

  • 4 years


The Public Health Advisory Board shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Health Department on all issues related to the County Health Department and its programs.