1. Breastfeeding (PDF)

    Review a handout describing the 10 easiest ways to make plenty of milk for your baby.

  2. Whatcom County Child Passenger Safety Technicians

    Listing of places in Whatcom County to call for a free car seat checkup appointment

  3. Child Development (PDF)

    Parents are a child’s 1st teachers. When you play and read with your child, he/she is learning language, how to interact socially, use large and small muscles and problem solve.

  4. Pregnancy (PDF)

    Are you pregnant and looking for information and resources?

  5. Dental/Oral Health

    The Whatcom County Oral Health Coalition is a broad-based coalition working to improve oral health among community members of all ages through prevention, education, and increased access to dental care.

  6. Tobacco Prevention and Control

    The goal of the Tobacco Prevention Program is to prevent youth from using tobacco and promote quitting among adults and youth.