Payment by Credit Card

The Whatcom County Clerk's Office is proud to announce that we are now accepting payments by credit or debit

Credit Card logos
For Legal Financial Obligations (LFO's):
Restitution and Fines may be paid by debit/credit cards. You must provide your case number and will be asked for it to verify your transaction. If you do not know your case number you may find it here or call the Clerk's office at (360) 778-5560.
You have the following choices for payment:

Point and Pay 5%, minimum $2.00 (American Express, Master Card, or Visa. Discover) 
Please use the Fines and Restitution option under "Payment Type"


NCourt to 7% minimum $1.00  (American Express, Master Card, or Visa.) 
NCourt Fee Schedule


You may also make a payment of Criminal/Juvenile fines by telephone at 800-701-8560 (you must have your case number ready to provide for them)