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Planning and Development Services Building Inspection Request

  1. Building Inspection Request

    Use this form to request inspections for Residential, Detached, Mobile Home, Mechanical, Plumbing and Commercial permits. Whatcom County Building Services will attempt to provide next business day inspections if your request is submitted before 4:30pm. Please note: Inspectors go to Glacier on Monday & Wednesday, Point Roberts on Tuesday and Lummi Island on Wednesday. Be sure your blue bag with your plans and inspection check list are on-site to allow our Inspectors to sign and date your copy of the inspection record! If you wish to confirm your appointment time, please call (360)778-5900 after 9:30 am the day of your requested inspection to talk to your inspector.

  2. One Permit # per request Example COM2015-00001

  3. Example, Framing, Footings,

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  5. Time of Day

    You may request a time of day you would like the inspection. However, there is no guarantee the inspector will be able to grant the request.

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  7. Please enter any specific other information here for the inspector to review.

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