Smoke-Free Housing

Smoke-free multi-unit housing is a great choice for both landlords and tenants. It’s a good business decision, since the majority of renters prefer to live in smoke-free housing.  And it’s the right decision for the health and well-being of residents.


- Are you experiencing problems with secondhand smoke in your home?  Learn more about your rights as a tenant, how to talk to your landlord about the problem, and some quick fixes to help solve the problem.  You can also encourage your landlord to consider going smoke-free.


– Making your property smoke-free is legal, can save you money, and can help protect your property.  Learn more about how to transition to a smoke-free property with this how-to-guide that outlines all the important steps.

Benefits of going Smoke-Free

Market Demand
     * 85% of total tenants prefer to live in smoke-free housing.
Reduced Cleaning and Maintenance Costs
     * It can cost an additional $1,000 or more to restore a smoking unit.
Protect Your Property From Fire
     * In WA, cigarettes and other smoking materials are responsible for more
       deaths than any other fire source.
You Have the Right to Adopt a Smoke-Free Policy
     * There is no right to smoke under federal, state or local laws.
Avoid Liability
     * Apartment owners have an increased risk for legal liability when their property
       is not designated smoke-free.
Protect the Health of Your Tenants and Yourself!
     * Secondhand smoke is toxic; every year over 38,000 deaths result from
       secondhand smoke.

Contact Information
  • Smoke-free housing - Community Health (360) 778-6000