Superior Court Clerk

Court Clerk: David Reynolds
Chief Deputy Clerk: Sandra Kiele


If you have a case pending in Whatcom County Superior Court, please review the Court Orders Re: Covid-19 page.
 Should you have further questions, please contact your attorney of record.
Attention Attorneys: Per the Superior Court Bench, the Whatcom County Clerk cannot accept documents that are not properly signed. This means that typed names, /s/ typed names and cursive typed names are not acceptable. The signature must reflect the actual signature of the individual. ***Pro Se parties are still required to provide original signatures***

Court Orders Re: Covid-19

Letter to Jurors

Blake Cases: On February 25, 2021, the Washington State Supreme Court decided State v. Blake, No. 968373-0, 481 P.3d 521 (2021).  For more information follow this link: Blake Relief Request. Please also fill out this Blake Confirmation of Address form.

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  The Whatcom County Superior Court Clerk's Office is responsible for maintaining and protecting the integrity of all records filed in the County Clerk's Office, as well as serving the public and legal community in a respectful and courteous manner.