Owner to Notify Assessor of Change in Use

Requirements for Notification
An owner changing the use of land from a classified use must notify the county assessor within 60 days of this action.
For Current Use Farm & Agricultural/Open Space Land, The assessor shall remove the land from classified status and impose and additional tax equal to the difference between the tax paid on current use value and the tax that would have been paid on that land had it not been so classified, payable for the last 7 years, plus interest at the same rate as charged on delinquent property taxes, plus a penalty of twenty percent of the total amount.
For Designated Forestland, the assessor shall  impose an additional tax equal to the difference between the last Designated Forest Land value and the new assessed value of the land. This amount is then multiplied by the last levy rate extended against the land and multiplied by the number of years the land was designated
as forest land, not to exceed nine. Compensating taxes will also be due on the land from January 1 of the year the designation is removed up to the removal date.