Incident Hotline

Incident Hotline -Tuesday, October 22, 2019                   CHECK OUT OUR EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT BLOG!

There are no active incidents at this time.  

Advisories, Watches and Warnings:

A flood warning issued by the National Weather Service last night has been cancelled; however, a flood watch remains in effect until tomorrow morning at 6:00am for Whatcom County.

A small craft advisory remains in effect until 11:00am this morning for winds from the west at 15-25 knots. 

Whatcom County Weather

The rain from last night continues to move east out of the county. Rains in the southern part of the county were heavier than expected and runoff was greater than expected. Fortunately, we’ll have a few days to dry out even though temperatures will remain in the mid-50s for highs and the mid-40s for lows. Winds will still be stronger up in Blaine with gusts reaching 25 mph today and tonight. For today, expect clearing skies and periods of sun with high temperatures in the mid-50s. Tonight will be partly cloudy with temperatures dropping back to the mid-40s. Tomorrow will be a repeat with partly sunny skies during the day and mostly cloudy skies at night. The next chance for rain or showers will be on Friday. The ski area will be in the lower 40s for highs and the mid-30s for lows. On Friday there could be a mix of rain and snow so be wary if heading up in the mountains.

The Nooksack River level increased more than anticipated last night due to the heavier than expected rains. Toward the Saxon Bridge, the South Fork of the Nooksack just barely crossed the minor flooding threshold for a brief period before dropping back. The river level at Cedarville is also dropping at this time. The Ferndale Gauge is still on the rise and will come within a foot or so of the minor flood level but is not expected to go beyond that. However, runoff continues so keep a watchful eye for any further changes.

Coastal Weather for Lummi Nation, Birch Bay, Lummi Island, Strait of Georgia, Pt. Roberts, Bellingham, and Blaine 

For Coastal Whatcom County the small craft advisory continues until 11:00 am this morning for winds from the west before they drop back to 10-20 knots. Wind waves will be two to four feet throughout the day. Tomorrow look for winds from the southeast in the 5-15 knot range and wind waves decreasing to one to three feet. By the time we get to Thursday, winds are predicted to be light with wind waves one foot or less. Environment Canada has issued a strong wind warning for the Strait of Georgia south of Nanaimo for winds from the northwest 15-25 knots until after midnight tonight.

High tide at Cherry Point for the next few days looks like this:

Today, there will be a high tide at 2:09 pm this afternoon of  8.9’ and the another at 11:51pmof 6.4’

Wednesday, October 23, 2019:  2:55pm – 9.1’

Thursday, October 24, 2019:  1:41 am – 6.6’ and 3:33 pm – 9.2’

Friday, October 25, 2019:  3:08 am – 7.0’ and 4:06 pm – 9.2’

Saturday, October 26, 2019:  4:22 am – 7.6’ and 4:37 pm – 9.3’

Emergency Preparedness

This past weekend, we saw snow in the upper elevations of the Cascades including around the ski area, so now is the time to get your Winter Safety Kit together and put it in your car. Weather systems can develop quickly and change even faster, so traveling into the upper elevations or across the Cascades from now through Spring can pose serious challenges.

These past few days of rain have saturated the top layer of soil. From here on, barring no rain at all, we can expect even smaller amounts of rain can to cause small streams and rivers to rise quickly and possibly flood lower areas. The most important point is, do not attempt to cross water that is flowing over roads. It only takes a few inches of fast moving water to knock you off your feet and few more inches to move vehicles as large as SUVs.

You’ve probably noticed a significant amount of leaves that have dropped from the trees and started collecting along the sides of roads covering storm drains and accumulating in culverts. This can prevent water from flowing causing backups and flooding lower areas when we have steady or heavy rain periods. If you see leaves covering a drain or plugging a culvert, please remove them. This will go a long way towards helping prevent flooding.

Remember, think safety and be prepared!  This hotline is not updated on weekends or holidays unless an incident occurs.

Contact: Wallace Kost, 360.778.7165, Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Management