Behavioral Health Advisory Committee


The Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Whatcom County Executive via the Health Department, advising on general priorities for behavioral health programs, including substance abuse and mental health services. 


Meetings are open to the public and held quarterly in the County Courthouse.  The meeting schedule for 2019 is as follows:
  • January 28
  • April 29
  • July 29
  • October 28


The Behavioral Health Advisory Committee has 11 members - see current membership roster.


The members are residents of Whatcom County. The Behavioral Health Advisory Committee shall consist of 11 members, 10 of whom are appointed by the County Executive, and 1 member shall be a member of the County Council. The membership shall include one representative from:  PeaceHealth Hospital, Judicial branch of County government, Whatcom County Sheriff or designee, Chief of Corrections or designee, County Public Health Director or designee.  Additionally, the remaining five Executive-appointed positions shall include two people that are advocates of mental health recovery, two people that are advocates of substance use disorder recovery, and one behavioral health professional.


Term Limit

  • 2 consecutive full terms

Term Length

  • 3 years


Date of Formation

  • November 7, 2012