Secure Medicine Return

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Visit to learn how you can safely dispose of old or unwanted medicine in Whatcom County.

Return kiosks have been installed at convenient drop-off locations throughout Whatcom County. For a complete list of drop-off locations, visit

If you can’t get to a drop-off location, you can pick up a free mailer to return your medications. Mailers are available at most libraries in Whatcom County or by requesting one from MED-Project.

Secure Medicine Return diagram

Secure medicine return programs are a way for consumers to dispose of leftover, unwanted or unused medicines in a safe and environmentally-sound way. They benefit our community by:

  • Helping to prevent drug abuse.
  • Reducing the risk for poisoning through accidental drug misuse.
  • Reducing pollution from waste medicines that are disposed of improperly.

Who manages secure medicine return in Whatcom County?

Whatcom County requires pharmaceutical producers – the companies that manufacture prescription and over-the-counter medicines – to provide the secure medicine return system at no cost to community members. MED-Project, an independent organization, runs the secure medicine return program in Whatcom County. The health department provides oversight and monitors the program.

An ordinance to adopt a secure medicine return regulation was approved by the Whatcom County Council, acting as the Health Board, on December 5, 2017. The regulation:

  • Expands the types of medicine disposal options for Whatcom County residents.
  • Improves convenience for residents by increasing the number of locations where people can drop off their unused medicines.
  • Ensures financial sustainability of the program through a drug manufacturer-financed system.