Other Exemption Programs

Non-Profit Use

Churches, government units and many non-profit agencies do not pay tax on property used for a tax-exempt purpose. The Department of Revenue determines which properties are exempt.

Service Members/Widows of Veterans

Active members of the Armed Services and Widows of Veterans may qualify for tax relief. The Department of Revenue administrates these programs. Applications for Service Members and Widows of Veterans are available at the Assessor’s Office.

Historic Property Improvement

In the City of Bellingham, certain improvements to qualifying Historic Property may be exempted from real property taxation. Contact the City of Bellingham, Planning & Community Development Department, 360-778-8300.

Urban Area Multi-Family Improvement

In the Cities of Bellingham and Ferndale, certain multi-family improvements developed in designated urban areas may qualify for exemption from real property taxation. Contact the City of Bellingham Planning & Community Development Department, 360-778-8300, or the City of Ferndale Community Development Department, (360) 685-2379.

Tribally Owned Non-Trust (Fee) Property

Non-trust status property owned by federally recognized tribes may qualify for property tax exemption. The Department of Revenue administrates applications and qualification for this program.