Prosecuting Attorney 

Mission Statement:

Provide just, equitable and high quality legal representation, effectively and efficiently, when prosecuting criminal actions, when advising or defending county officials or employees on civil matters that pertain to or affect the interest of the county and when carrying out statutorily mandated duties on behalf of the State of Washington. Seek to ensure that justice is accomplished within the framework of the United States Constitution, the state constitution and the laws of the State of Washington. Provide services to victims and witnesses to ensure their fair treatment within the criminal justice system. Identify, locate and compel absent parents of children receiving state assistance to pay for the support of their children instead of the public. Assist in developing goals and objectives for the criminal justice system that assures the delivery of services to the community that enhance public safety.  
Areas of Responsibility Include the Following Divisions:

Superior Court Division
District Court Division
Juvenile Court Division
Civil Division
Victim-Witness Assistance Unit