COVID-19 Resources for County Employees

As the COVID-19 event evolves, employees may have questions on how their job will be impacted. Human Resources has compiled the information from County policy, Employment Security, and Public Health Officials to help answer some of the questions you may have.  We will continue to provide updates as new information is made available. 

The Whatcom County Health Department is the lead agency for the COVID-19 event. Their website is updated every day at noon. They are constantly monitoring State Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention information to update messages.  

Responding to Exposures

Frequently Asked Questions
Checklist for Employers
Tips for Talking With Staff
When Can I Return to Work?

What to Do If a Worker Has COVID-19 or Is a Close Contact

If an employee has been diagnosed with COVID-19, or is a close contact of someone with COVID-19:
  • They need to stay home and not come to work. 
  • The department should consult and follow the Health Department's Checklist for Employers.
  • The department head should immediately notify Facilities (778-5360) if an employee with confirmed COVID-19 worked while contagious in the past 7 days. 
  1. Leave Options
  2. School Closures
  3. Safe Start
  4. TeleHealth Resources
  5. Telework
  6. FAQs for Employees
  7. Supervisor Tools
If you need to take time off work here is guidance from Employment Security Department on what compensation you may be eligible for.  More information about Unemployment can be found online.
COVID Scenarios and Benefits