2021 Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan

Every five (5) years, Whatcom County submits a Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (NHMP) for review and approval by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). It is time to update the plan and submit it to FEMA once again. We are using the 2016 plan as the basis to create the 2021 plan. The purpose of an NHMP is to identify the types of natural hazards that impact a jurisdiction, to assess each jurisdiction’s vulnerability to those hazards, and to formulate mitigation strategies that will lessen the severity of natural disasters by protecting human life and property. Plans must be reviewed and updated to remain active. This process is very important and allows Whatcom County to receive Federal funding for mitigation and pre-disaster projects to lessen the impact of disasters when they do happen.

FEMA reviews Whatcom County’s plan for accuracy and mitigation measures being considered, underway, or already completed. An updated Whatcom County plan is due to be submitted to FEMA in 2021.

We Want to Hear from You

Part of the review and update process includes opportunities for public comment. We will use your comments on the 2016 plan when we create the 2021 plan. You can comment on the plan as a whole, or only on a specific section. The links below allow you to review the 2016 Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan. Please use the comment form to provide your input.

2016 Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan:

  1. 2016 NHMP Table of Contents, Acknowledgments, Authority, Introduction, and Whatcom County Background
  2. 2016 NHMP Section 1. Plan Mission, Goals, and Update Process
  3. 2016 NHMP Section 2. Hazard Summaries, Other Hazards of Concern, Whatcom County Storm Events Database: 2010-2014
  4. 2016 NHMP Section 3. Jurisdiction Profiles and Mitigation Action Plans
  5. 2016 NHMP Section 4. Plan Maintenance and Appendices

On behalf of the Whatcom County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan planning team, thank you for taking the time to comment!