Lake Whatcom Park

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A Large Urban Park on Lake Whatcom's Eastern Shore

Enjoy views of Lake Whatcom, the surrounding hills, waterfalls, and giant old Douglas Fir trees. Lake Whatcom Park gives visitors the opportunity to stroll by the lake and walk through a lush forest. The interpretive kiosk, located at the lakeshore, tells the story of Lake Whatcom and its significance to our community.

October 2019 Update: During summer 2019, the Chanterelle Trail was extended an additional 2.6 miles and is now open to two-way foot traffic and uphill bikes. Work continues on the Brown Pow descending mountain bike trail with completion expected in 2021. Click here for more information on this project.

In 2021 and 2022, construction of new trail is planned from the terminus of the Chanterelle Trail to the Hertz Trail.

Lookout Mountain Forest Preserve & Lake Whatcom Park Recreational Trail Plan 

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Hertz Trail

The Hertz Trail is an easy hike or bike along the shore of Lake Whatcom on the grade of the former Bellingham & Eastern Railway. The trail begins with a gradual slope through a lush forest to the interpretive kiosk at the lakeshore. The trail then follows the railroad grade south for 2.9 miles. Enjoy views of Lake Whatcom and Lookout Mountain. Keep an eye out for waterfalls and remnant patches of old-growth along the hillside or visit one of the many beautiful beaches and coves tucked away along this trail.

From Parking Area 1: Continue past the gate at the eastern end of the parking lot. 3.0 miles one way to the trail end.

From Parking Area 2:  Choose either of the two connector trails on the southern side of the parking lot. 0.2 miles one way to the junction with Hertz Trail. 2.9 miles one way to the trail end.

Easy, 3.1 miles one way
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Chanterelle Trail

The Chanterelle Trail ascends 2,200 feet in 5 miles through a mix of forest types. The scenic Chanterelle Overlook is located 2.4 miles from the trailhead.

The first 0.6 miles of the trail is shared hiking and biking. The remaining 4.4 miles of trail is open to two way foot traffic and uphill only bike travel. Until the Brown Pow Trail is completed, bikes return to the trailhead via the forest road (Wickersham Truck Road).

From Parking Area 2:  From the trailhead it's 2.4 miles one way to the Chanterelle Overlook and 5 miles one way to the trail terminus.

Moderate, 5.0 miles one way
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