Elections in 2022

No April Election (No Resolutions Filed)
General Election  
August 2 Resolution deadline
October 18 Logic & Accuracy Test
October 19 Voting Center open, ballot packets mailed, drop boxes open
October 31 Online and mail registration deadline
New registrations and changes to registration must be done in person
November 8 General Election Day
Sample Ballot
Whatcom Local Voters' Pamphlet PDF
Register to vote or update registration in-person at the Voting Center before 8:00 pm
Ballot Drop Boxes close at 8:00 pm
November 10 Audit of results (hand count)
November 18 Risk Limiting Audit
November 28 Canvassing Board: Challenged Ballot Review
November 29 Canvassing Board: Certification of Election
*Special Election will only occur when a District submits a resolution.