Locating your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Locating the VIN – 1976 and Newer

To find Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) information for 1976 and newer model year mobile homes, look for a HUD ‘Data Plate” inside the home. The data plate is a standard size sheet of paper that includes the following data:

  • A map of the United States
  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Number
  • Date of manufacture of the mobile home

The HUD Data plate is usually located in one of the following places:

  • On or near the main electrical panel
  • In a cabinet in the utility room
  • In a kitchen cabinet
  • In a bedroom closet

Locating the VIN – 1975 and Older

At this time, VIN standards varied throughout the US. Because of this, Washington state used the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) VIN standard. You may be able to locate this ANSI number, which we can use as a VIN, by checking the following locations:

  • The tongue or hitch
  • On or near the electrical panel
  • The hot water tank enclosure 
  • In the kitchen sink cabinet
  • On the walls of the bedroom closets


Other Possible Locations

Serial Number or VIN Plate

Serial numbers and VIN plates are metal tags that are typically riveted to mobile homes in places such as the following:

  • On the exterior side of the end-wall opposite the hitch
  • At the lower right of the main entry just outside the door trim
  • Stamped on the first cross member of the steel frame at the tongue and hitch end

County Assessor’s office

You may contact the Assessor’s Office or search your property tax record to see if the VIN is included on your tax record. It typically would appear at the end of your legal description, notated with ‘S#’ for serial number.

HUD Certification Label

Certification labels are located on the home approximately one foot up from the floor and one foot in from the right side of the end wall opposite the hitch. The label contains the following:

  • The manufacturer’s certification
  • An embossed number
  • Possibly a VIN

If you find a Certification Label that does not have a VIN, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) may be able to find one on file with the embossed number. HUD may also have data plate information, which may contain the VIN. 


Contact information for HUD’s Office of Manufactured Housing

Labor and Industries (L&I) Tag

The L&I tag is an aluminum tag on the end wall opposite the hitch (or on older units may be next to the front or back door), and includes an insignia number with the prefix “MH.” If you find this number, you can contact Labor and Industries to find our if there is any VIN information in their records.

Contact Information for L&I


Assessor's Office at 360-778-5050 or emailing assessor@co.whatcom.wa.us
Auditor's Office at 360-778-5100 option 1 or emailing licensing@co.whatcom.wa.us
Treasurer's Office at 360-778-5160 or emailing treasurer@co.whatcom.w