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  1. Vehicles Vandalized on Gooseberry Point

    While all our parking is 'park at your own risk' we do want to warn drivers that there have been three catalytic converter thefts on Gooseberry Point since dry dock began. Read more: Read on...
  2. Lummi Island Ferry Passengers Should Use Extreme Caution on Ramps During Low Morning Tides

    Lower than normal tides are causing steep inclines on the ferry’s passenger ramp during morning runs. We ask that anyone traveling during this time use extreme caution on the ramps. Read on...
  3. County Forced to Tow Four Vehicles from Area Marked No Parking on Gooseberry Point

    Thanks to everyone who followed our vehicle parking maps and signage during dry dock. We never like to tow cars, in fact, we hate doing it. We only limit parking for safety and to ensure the passenger ferry service you depend on is available. Read on...
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Traveling with Long Overhang past Rear Axles Notice

If you are transporting a trailer or driving a vehicle with a long overhang past the rear axles, we strongly suggest you travel aboard the Whatcom County ferry at a tide no lower than 4 feet.

Tides lower than 4 feet produce an approach angle too steep to be corrected by ramp adjustment and damage to your trailer or vehicle and/or our equipment may occur.

Be advised, tide restrictions for weight also apply. We ask that you take both weight and length past rear axles into account before traveling aboard the Whatcom County ferry.

Weight-Related Rules and Restrictions  

Vehicles over 40,000 GVW are prohibited on the ferry during any tide under zero. This prevents damage to ferry loading ramps.

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WE DO NOT ACCEPT RESERVATIONS!  This is a First-Come, First-Served Ferry.  (Schedule)

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Seasonal Variations

Ridership shows strong seasonal variations. July and August remain our busiest months with over 10% of all vehicle and pedestrian trips in each of these months. The permanent resident population is over 900, and during the summer the island's population swells to over 2,000.

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