Flood Control Subzone Advisory Committees


The Flood Control Subzone Advisory Committees review the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan for flood control, discuss and recommend budget appropriation, and gather public input by holding public meetings.

The 4 subzones are:


The committees have special meetings throughout the year as needed.


There are 5 members on each subzone advisory committee appointed by the County Council. Whatcom County River and Flood Division staff may assign committee members from the county wide Flood Control Zone District Advisory Committee's alternate list.

Acme / VanZandt

The Acme / VanZandt subzone has 5 members:
    • Steve Powers
    • John Stephens
    • Holly O'Neil
    • Galen Smith
    • Cindy Fabbri

Lynden / Everson

The Lynden / Everson subzone has 5 members:
    • Ron Bronsema
    • Joel VandeHoef
    • Vacant
    • Vacant
    • Hank Roorda

Sumas / Everson / Nooksack

The Sumas / Everson / Nooksack subzone has 5 members:
    • Ed Bosscher
    • Kelly Houston
    • Kyle Christensen
    • Jerry Juergens
    • Larry Mades


Term Information

    • 4 year terms, 2 full term limit, 1 year separation required after 2 terms before eligible to reapply


  • Revised Code of Washington 86.15.025(5)

Additional Information