Flood Control Subzone Advisory Committees

The 4 subzones are:


The committees have special meetings throughout the year as needed.


There are 5 members on each subzone advisory committee. Whatcom County River and Flood Division staff may assign committee members from the county wide Flood Control Zone District Advisory Committee's alternate list.

Acme / VanZandt

The Acme / VanZandt subzone has 5 members:
  • Steve Powers
  • John Stephens
  • Holly O'Neil
  • Galen Smith
  • Cindy Fabbri

Lynden / Everson

The Lynden / Everson subzone has 5 members:
  • Ron Bronsema
  • Joel VandeHoef
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Hank Roorda

Sumas / Everson / Nooksack

The Sumas / Everson / Nooksack subzone has 5 members:
  • Ed Bosscher
  • Kelly Houston
  • Kyle Christensen
  • Jerry Juergens
  • Larry Mades
Term Limit
  • 2 full terms
    • 1 year separation required after 2 terms
Term Length
  • 4 years
The Flood Control Subzone Advisory Committees review the comprehensive plan for flood control, discuss and recommend budget appropriation, and gather public input by holding public meetings.

  • Revised Code of Washington 86.15.025(5)
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