Traffic & Transportation Analysis

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Traffic and Transportation Analysis Unit
Determining the Safety & Adequacy of the County Roadways
The Traffic and Transportation Analysis unit of  Public Works Engineering uses a variety of techniques to determine the safety and adequacy of the county roadways.
The crew uses traffic counters, reviews signs and striping for roadways, and reviews and investigates traffic accidents.

Safe Operation of Roads & Rights-of-Way
Recommendations, made and implemented with public input, provide for safe operation of roads and county rights-of-way.

Who Benefits
Private citizens, commercial truck drivers, school bus drivers, commuters, and the many tourists who visit Whatcom County each year benefit from the Traffic and Transportation Analysis unit's efforts.

  • Citizen, taxpayer, legal inquiries concerning county road regulations
  • Funding applications
  • Future public road and proposed development traffic mitigation, changes or improvements
  • Signing and striping record log
  • Traffic counts