Other Permits

If your project involves electrical work, access through a county right-of-way, or sewer / water improvements you may need other permits.

The following is some helpful information that may be applicable to your project:
  • Washington State Labor and Industries (L&I) for electrical permits, mobile/manufacture home alterations and licensed contractor information. The local Washington State Labor and Industries office can be called at 360-647-7300 and is located at:
    1720 Ellis Street
    Bellingham, WA 98226
  • Encroachment permit applications are required for any work in a county road right-of-way and can be obtained from the Public Works Engineering Division. An encroachment permit application is required to be submitted at the time of your permit application appointment.
  • Water and septic approvals are obtained from the Environmental Health Department at 360-778-6000. A complete septic permit, if applicable, is required at the time you submit your building permit application. An approved water verification form, if applicable, must be submitted prior to the approval of your building permit.
  • Demolition Permit (PDF) applications are required if you are removing an existing structure. You must contact the Northwest Clean Air Agency at 360-428-1617 or 800-622-4627 prior to the submittal of your demolition application.
  • Call Before You Dig prior to any ground disturbance work. If your property is located within 500 feet of an oil transmission pipeline, staff may require that you contact the Call Before You Dig Service at 800-424-5555, prior to the submittal of your permit application.